Review of “New Parent Smell: Funny Thoughts on Pregnancy, Newborns and Tots” By Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim Rosenfeld

Once upon a time, there were a couple of NYC-based stand-up comedians who had their first child, and, based upon their experiences both at home and on the stage, wrote a smart, funny (twisted at times) and very relatable illustrated humor book about parenting.

During a time when everything seems stalled indefinitely, we can count on new levels of creativity from our favorite entertainment professionals, and New Parent Smell: Funny Thoughts on Pregnancy, Newborns and Tots by Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim Rosenfeld does not disappoint. In fact, the jokes in this book are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, as both authors have incorporated their tried-and-true stand-up humor into this joyful (and did I mention? twisted at times) creation. The pictures by artist Jonathan Antonio are also funny in and of themselves, but when infused with Ben and Michelle’s signature stage bits, rise to a whole other level of hilarious. When you see it, you’ll believe it! Here is a sneak preview:

If you’re already familiar with Ben and Michelle’s stand-up jokes, then you’ll be especially tickled when you see how they’ve woven them into this captivatingly funny picture book.  Just like the tried and true stand-up acts of its authors, New Parent Smell is intelligent, twisted (of course), relatable, and ultimately, enlightening!

New Parent Smell is organized into essentially three sections: pregnancy, birth, and post-birth life through the toddler years. (I can’t wait for Ben and Michelle to do a tome on tweens!)

Each of those sections is further divided into two parts, one for Ben and one for Michelle.

There is a pretty meaty introduction before the three larger sections; here we get to know Ben and Michelle, pre-parenting. It’s important to recognize that people are individuals, not to mention full of sick, smart humor, before they become baby producers.  What follows are just a few of the many “lol moments” you’ll experience when reading New Parent Smell.

Michelle on pregnancy: Born and raised in Manhattan, Michelle’s take on the baby getting familiar with voices while in utero brings us to the N train, where the future little Rosenfeld starts to think of the announcing voice as her special uncle.

Ben on pregnancy: Learn the deets of how a professional comic can verbally toy with an ultrasound technician to the point where he gets banned from future appointments!

Michelle on the birth process: Babies have a way of arriving whenever the hell they want, and for their own reasons.

Ben on the birthing process: Ben was creeped out by an insistent nurse who wanted his baby’s umbilical cord. For crying out loud (no pun intended), can’t ya let a guy enjoy his precious offspring’s first few moments without asking him to sign a damn form?!

Michelle on newborns/toddlers: Ben is not the only one who uses his comic powers to mess with people. Michelle has some fun with enquiring minds about baby names.

Ben on newborns/toddlers: Ben alludes to his Russian roots and yet another reason to be joyful upon the arrival of his little bundle. USA! USA! USA!!!

In conclusion, New Parent Smell is a super funny and validating read. If you’re a new parent, or still just knocked up, and have had some sick thoughts about what you’re going through, chances are good that Ben and Michelle are already on it and their hilarious take on tough topics will not only tickle your funny bone, but also let you know you’re not alone with that twisted, smart sense of humor!

New Parent Smell: Funny Thoughts on Pregnancy, Newborns and Tots by Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim Rosenfeld is NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon HERE:

{BTW….This would make an EXCELLENT GIFT for THE HOLIDAYS!}

CHECK OUT this short and snappy book preview video by the authors themselves:

It was just released, is already getting rave reviews, and is sure to be a best seller, so don’t be the last among your breeding friends to get your copy of New Parent Smell: Funny Thoughts on Pregnancy, Newborns and Tots by Ben Rosenfeld and Michelle Slonim Rosenfeld!! NOW AVAILABLE at Amazon HERE:

The happy Rosenfeld-Slonim fam

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