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Medieval Reality TV

That melodramatic time known as “The Dark Ages” would have lent itself very well to generating reality TV programming ideas (had TV been in existence during medieval times).  Here are four that I’ve come up with: “Flip This Fiefdom” For … Continue reading

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“Weekend At Yogi’s” – Entertaining Short Fiction By Joanna Rapoza

Please click here for Chapter 1 of “Weekend At Yogi’s”. It’s called “Intestinal Intuition”. If you’re ready for Chapter 2 – “Hidden And Forbidden Sweets” – click this instead. Chapter 3 (“Northern Journey”) is here for your viewing pleasure.  Read how our protagonist travels … Continue reading

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What A Character: Reviewing Rachel Dratch’s New Memoir

There can be no higher praise for Rachel Dratch’s memoir “Girl Walks Into A Bar” than to say this book can hold the attention of a woman going through menopause.  If you’ve ever hung around someone going through the change, then you know … Continue reading

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For A More Unisex Constitution

I had an interesting notion the other day, inspired by that go-getter woman who organized a successful internet movement against Bank of America. Someone should start a Facebook movement to get our country’s Constitution re-written by WOMEN as well as MEN.  After all, who put the “tit” in … Continue reading

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Sarah Makes Us Smile

During February 2012, I went with a group of friends to see Sarah Colonna headline at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.  She’s a very funny writer and roundtable regular on the late-night show Chelsea Lately, as well as a … Continue reading

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Double Your Pleasure

I recently saw an interview of a British woman named Hazel Jones, who has, of all things, two vaginas.  She was discussing her unique physical condition in great detail on TV.  (I am amazed at how the British can suspend their … Continue reading

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Russell’s Nooky Book

Russell Brand and I are destined to meet:  he’s always imagined that he came from a distant planet, and I’ve always imagined meeting a visitor from a distant planet. I just finished Mr. Brand’s first memoir, “My Booky Wook”, and it was … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Physics, All

Last week, I listened to a discussion on NPR’s Science Friday about the origins of the universe.  (My dad was a physicist, and I’ve always had an abiding interest in the sciences.)  Apparently, there now is a theory that states there were actually multiple Big … Continue reading

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Objects May Appear Larger Than They Actually Are

Joanna Rapoza’s review of the newly released book “Scared Skinny No More” by Mary Dimino and Dr. Brad Johnson Many of us have distorted views about body image and nutrition, including the magical number we think we should see once … Continue reading

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