Review of “Geopolitical Dick Jokes” – 5th live comedy album by Ben Rosenfeld

If you’re going to listen to dick jokes, you want to learn something new.

If you’re going to listen to an entire album called “Geopolitical Dick Jokes,” recorded in front of a live audience at NYC’s The People’s Improv Theater Loft in September 2022 by acclaimed comedian and author Ben Rosenfeld, you’ll not only learn something new, you’ll gain an edge for future geopolitical debates, especially if they involve dicks.

Keeping in tradition with how I’d describe Ben Rosenfeld’s brand – nerdy ‘n dirty – we learn that the New York City-based, Russian-Jewish funnyman gained 250,000 TikTok followers during the pandemic (he’s now got close to 300K), all while surreptitiously building his toddler daughter’s melatonin tolerance to help fend off creeps trying to roofie her. Ben’s a visionary/multi-tasker!

Humans seem fascinated with what’s going on “behind the curtain.” Reality shows, webcams, and other tools of instantaneous knowledge about our fellow primates abound. Would you like to peer behind the curtains of stand-up creativity? Ben shines a light, at intervals throughout his set, upon something new to most comedy audiences: where the “seams” are on some jokes. Otherwise, we’d never know, and the jokes would be… seamless. Or as Ben might riff with a smirk, “semen-less.” Once he points out where those seams would have been (you can’t “un-seam” them, haha), it becomes apparent how Ben’s actually decimated them – taken a verbal blowtorch to syntax, rendering the listeners raw, yet ready for the next irreverent imprint. The audience becomes aware of this playful manipulation to get guffaws when Ben points out how they all laughed at his joke written to offend everyone equally, because it referenced all the major “news” networks. The tailoring and pattern of Ben’s revealed “joke seams” offer an informed and savvy advantage the next time you find yourself in a convoluted exchange with a geopolitical dick.

Comedian and author Ben Rosenfeld

You may feel scared, though, if your debate partner comes from the “Mother Land.” Russians can be intimidating to both Americans as well as to their own countrymen. Ben had an impromptu exchange with a few audience members in Russian, scaring both the English speakers (were they plotting to interfere with the next American election?), as well as the Russian speakers (that horrible accent!). Ben proudly proclaims that his 4-year old daughter, who speaks both languages, can conjugate the F-word perfectly. And, if you thought local road rage was bad, you ought to hear how Ben’s Russian dad taught him how to drive in America. It’s a  charming combination of frightening and amusing to learn how Russians regard all aspects of U.S. education as deficient, inspiring the need to threateningly follow a shitty motorist who deserved to be [heavy Russian accent here:] “taught lesson.” Remember this the next time you cut someone off on the road and are about to make a universal hand gesture.

Listeners of this latest long-form set of Ben Rosenfeld’s will also acquire basic knowledge about things like what to expect when frequenting New York City public pools (bring fabric softener?), and how some Russians feel Americanized simply if they have Ukrainian friends. We also learn there is a total depression equation in every household, and the trick is to solve for variable “bj.” Based on Ben’s personal experience, you never know which way the wind will blow.

On “Geopolitical Dick Jokes,” Ben Rosenfeld both delivers and deconstructs his humor, which the audience drinks up. This is Ben at the top of his game, hitting us from every angle with new and relevant perspectives, always nerdy and dirty, just as you’d expect from a seasoned comedian and author who deals regularly in the universal currency of geopolitical dick jokes.


“Geopolitical Dick Jokes” is the 5th live comedy album by Ben Rosenfeld, recorded at The PIT Loft (People’s Improv Theater) in NYC; now AVAILABLE FOR SALE at Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music!

Check this 45 second preview:

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video

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For more about Ben Rosenfeld, including his other albums and best-selling comedy books, visit the Official Website of Ben Rosenfeld.


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