Monopolies further entrench themselves in society and my subconscious

After reading that Amazon acquired Whole Foods, I had a dream that I was involved in a promotion that was shot in our local store. Jeff Bezos was part of it, and I played a ditzy housewife that kept bumping my cart into him. I did it a few extra times “accidentally” out of a form of passive aggression, and Jeff did not look upon this with much favor.

After everyone left, I walked out to my car, saw Jeff leaning on it, looked around, and found myself alone with him. He confronted me: “I know you rammed that shopping cart into my Achilles’ heel a few extra times just to be mean.”

Feeling nervous and buying time for myself, I crossed my arms and rubbed my shoulders, pressing down hard on the right one with my left index finger.

I replied, “Mr. Bezos, I have a state of the art recording device embedded in my right rear deltoid. I just activated it by pressing my shoulder. I can even play back what you just said right now…but, it will come out my right armpit. And, as soon as I do this [grabbing butt cheek with my left hand], the file gets uploaded to the Cloud. So, go ahead and hurt me if you like, but the evidence is already out there.”

[Smiling and touching my right shoulder] “By the way, I found this device on Amazon Prime.”

I got in my car and drove away.

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